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+Yossi Kaplan is a visionary standing at the forefront of Toronto’s Real Estate ever since he purchased his first condo at an area that at the time was regarded as bad as it can be: King West. Buildings were boarded up, there was no retail, not a single condominium building in the area. Break-ins into cars were common (Yossi had his car broke into twice).

Yet, what he saw, was incredible potential for rejuvenation and future appreciation. People laughed but Yossi knew he was right, and he was. “It wasn’t a gamble”, he says, “How can you go wrong when you’re so close to the financial district, steps away from Queen West, a couple of parks nearby and a city that is growing like no other”?.

Later on, Yossi realized it’s time for Queen West to get cleaned up. Queen West was in a dire situation: rowdiness, violence and neglect all around. It was scary to walk down the street at night. The first sign of new life was when The Drake Hotel had finally opened up. Slowly, the neighbourhood  changed. Bohemian Embassy Condos was the first condominium building to get announced, followed by West Side Lofts, The Curve, Edge, Epic, Streetcars 2 & 8 Gladstone and The Carnaby. 1093 Queen St West and another development to the West of Bohemian Embassy Condos will seal the land on Queen West. Gladstone will see a few more buildings in the coming future, North of Queen.

When Yossi purchased a unit at Bohemian Embassy Condos and later on moved to live there, some skeptics scratched their heads. Today, Bohemian Embassy Condos is the jewel of the crown in Queen Wests’ rejuvenated development. It is likely the best quality build in the area. The residents are fun and friendly. The building has is exceptionally requested and sees active market of buyers, sellers, investors and renters eager to transact.

Yossi Kaplan is not just another Toronto Realtor. He lives and breathes Toronto’s Real Estate market, every single day. He has deep knowledge of the market and is always current on the latest news. He developed and maintains an intensive network of developers, investors, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, mortgage brokers, lawyers, painters, plumbers, technologists and marketers. Yossi puts his network to work for his clients’ advantage.

In addition, Yossi is an expert on price valuations for condos, homes and commercial properties. His education at Richard Ivey School of Business, where he graduated from the exclusive Executive MBA program, gives him a clear edge when it comes to money and finances.

When it comes to negotiations, Yossi’s experience taught him that over 50% of all deals fail after an offer is presented (The other 50%, by the way, are mostly offers way too far our for a possible agreement). The lesson is simple: the only method that brings prosperity to all is a win-win negotiation. You must ensure that everyone’s happy with the deal – and that’s how you should expect Yossi to act when he is working for you (or representing the other side). Feeling better already, right?

Personally, Yossi is a friendly and laid back guy. He loves meeting new people, hearing their stories and sharing his with them. Yossi is an avid cyclist and a global traveler. He loves camping (in the summer) and the outdoors. You may also catch him DJing in Toronto, at Burning Man, or around the world. If you like real estate, investing, arts, music, sports, culture and of course, food, you’ll make a friend right away. So don’t be shy, say hello or ask a question, you’ll get an answer, as quickly as possible.

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