Bohemian Embassy Condos Flood – First Looks

Bohemian Embassy Flood

On Jan 4, 2012, around 4am, residents of 1171 Queen St. West, Bohemian Embassy Condos, were awoken to bells and sirens, as a pipe blew on the 18th floor and water was gushing out, looking for an exit, destroying approx. 25 units in the way. The cause for the flood has yet to be revealed by builder Pemberton, and residents are naturally furious. Residents were sent to a hotel/motel, on their own dime, and were told by Pemberton to claim the cost on their insurance.

We should note that Bohemian Embassy is not yet transferred to its owners, so in essence the flood and the building are entirely in Oemberton’s management, control and ownershio.

Today, Jan 10, 2012, there is a meeting between the developer and residents, and we are eager to hear if Pemberton will step up and correct the damages, loss of sleep, stress and all negativity caused as a result. Many residents are afraid that their property values will be affected, and we an understand their concerns.

More information about this drama will be unfolded here on this site.

If you have any information that you would like to share, please send it to us.


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